The painting side of the business is keeping me very busy at the moment and so I have made the decision that, with effect from 1 Apr this year, I won't be taking orders for the other items I offer such as tokens, markers, chips, mats etc.  This is a temporary state of affairs and I hope to reverse the decision once the painting side becomes less hectic but that will be some months away at the very least.  Thank you for your understanding.

26 Feb.
2020 has been a tough year in so many ways for so many people and I am seeing bills rise across the board, as are we all, as the economic impact of recent times starts to show.  I have always tried to keep my prices down and limit increases, but have come to the point of deciding that I will need to raise prices if the business is to continue.  I will, however, delay this as long as I can and hold prices as they are for all work completed in or scheduled for 2021; the new prices will therefore come into effect on 1 Jan 2022.  I can provide details should you so wish – just drop me an email – but, for example, 28mm foot and mounted will go up to £4.20 and £7.90 respectively for basic work.

20mm AB Miniatures Polish Para painted by Monty's. Mat is a prototype Monty's Marvellous Mats.


Hello and a very warm welcome to Monty's Wargaming World, named for our Commander in Chief, Monty, the Desert Rat! Our aim is simply to help you wargame the way you want. The absolute key is that this is not about what we do, but more about what you want. Clearly there are examples on Flickr of the sort of things we can do but the driver for our work is what you want. For example, we can paint your figures and scenery, we can make bespoke items such as trenches to fit your bases, we also provide a range of flexible terrain mats to suit all environments and we also provide 'Skinny Bases' - thin, plasticard bases designed to suit the smaller figure scales! And so it goes on, whatever your gaming need, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help you game the way you want. This website is designed to open the door to Monty's Wargaming World. It covers the key information of the sort of things we do and how much we charge, and we have an extensive collection of photos of our work on our Flickr Site (details below), which is the best place to see our work. We do also offer samples, details are on the Painting Service page.

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