Jump Off Markers for "Chain of Command". A selection of Soviet, desert, temperate and winter.

Germans and Soviet Patrol Markers for "Chain of Command".

Examples of both the tracker dials and the tracker dice.

Wargames Markers and Tokens. 

We make Casualty/Shock/Cohesion Point Trackers. These are mini dice mounted on a small 20mm square base to provide a more easily handled, less prone to being knocked option as opposed to just the dice themselves. Costs are as follows for a set of 10:

7mm dice:                  £3.00
10mm dice                 £5.50
​12mm dice                 £7.10

Colours available (subject to our suppliers stocks) are:
​                    white, red, blue, green, black, orange, purple, yellow.

We also do scenic casualty dials - 4 for £6.0

Inspired by TooFatLardies"Chain of Command", we have also been hard at work making both Patrol and Jump Off markers for our own games. TooFatLardies have very kindly given us permission to offer these for sale and so you too can now have a set, which we can customise to the nation or unit of your choice – want them for British Airborne, no problem! We can also look to produce markers or tokens for other games as you wish, but we will need the game author/owner's permission before we can do anything. That said, if you have a need, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do! Prices for our current products are:

"Chain of Command" set of 6 Patrol Markers and 4 non-scenic Jump Off Points:     £4.25

"Chain of Command" set of 6 Patrol Markers and 4 scenic Jump Off Points:     £7.80