The Temperate Version, suitable for a wide range of environments across Europe and the Americas. It can also be made'greener' for jungles if you so desire. All mats will be custom made and so you can specify exactly what you want!

The Desert Version. 

The Sci Fi Version. This can, of course, be customised to represent a wide range of environments and is suitable for Warhammer, Dropzone Commander and many other games.

Monty's Marvellous Wargames Mats!

So what are Monty's Marvellous Mats? They are flexible wargames mats for representing land surfaces - these are landscaped and allow you to make contours underneath for a realistic and flowing terrain - we really feel these are at the top end of tabletop layouts as our photos show. We have been using old rags to make contours, but just about anything would do - although we would suggest covering anything with sharp corners such as books with an old towel or blanket to smooth out the curves. 

There's nothing dramatic or innovative in these at all - we are using techniques picked up over the years and common across the wargaming world - there are some excellent DIY tutorials on the web describing similar methods, but, as with everything, we have our own unique way of making them. The real advantages we offer are that we are practised in the technique, have the necessary facilities and can make good use of discounts and bulk buying to keep costs down.

We are currently offering  Temperate, Desert, Jungle and Alien. The latter can, of course, be of limitless variety and suitable for games such as Warhammer 40K, Dropzone Commander and many more!  And we are VERY open to requests for anything else. Sizes are approximate but the extra inches allow for 'creep' once contours have been formed underneath.

Prices are:

6'6" x 4'6":     £120 + p&p

6'6" x 5'6":     £145 + p&p