Monty's Wargaming World

Simply get in touch with us, preferably by email ( as this allows us to deal with your enquiries in between working, but we do have a mobile number (07516 428391) if all else fails. Just tell us what you want and we'll tell you if we think it is possible, how much it would cost and when we would expect to be able to complete the work. If you want to proceed, terms are a 50% deposit at the time of placing the order - this secures your 'slot' in the order book. And then the remaining 50% is due on completion and before dispatch. A note on completion times. Here at Monty's we are the sort of people who lay siege to the post box as soon as we think some wargaming goodies are due to drop through it and the postie has taken to learning anti-ambush drills! For those very reasons, we feel strongly about deadlines - if we say something will be done by a certain time then we will move heaven and earth to make it happen and, barring Acts of God, your order should be ready for dispatch before the date we have offered.
We prefer payment by Bank Transfer and will provide the necessary details once you have confirmed you wish to place an order. Good, old fashioned cheques also work and we can take money by PayPal as well. There is a 5% surcharge for payments by PayPal to cover the fees. I feel this is the best way of managing these fees rather than just raising prices for everyone.If none of these work for you, let us know and I'm certain we will find a way to take your money from you!!
Post and Package.
This is a difficult issue and I am struck by how much of these costs are clearly subsidised by many wargaming companies. Our aim is to keep it as simple and fair as possible.

Bases, Markers, Chips, Tokens and Bags – UK, +10% minimum £2.

Painting and Scenery - Here we ask for 50% deposit on ordering and the balance on completion. As your order will be complete before the balance is due, we will be able to cost the packaging and postage reasonably accurately and we will charge you accordingly with the amount added to the 50% balance. We like to recycle packaging and clearly there is no charge for such packaging.  

Mats - post and package for mats is at cost.

International: We will try to ship to anywhere in the world - please contact us and we will try to work out a cost for you.

Insurance:  Insuring parcels can be very expensive and so we leave this decision to the customer.  We will insure according to your instructions but, if you decide to take a risk and underinsure the parcel, then the risk sits with the customer and not with us.