2 small 15mm Hovels buildings painted by Monty's.

A 28mm Dark Age hut painted by Monty's. The backdrop is a prototype Monty's Marvellous Mat.

A wood somewhere in Europe. The backdrop is a prototype Monty's Marvellous Mats, the wood base is produced by us and the trees are Woodland Scenics spruced (!!) up and based by us.


Wire Entanglement (6" x 2")           £3.60

Minefield Fenced (6" x 6")               £5.50

Minefield Unfenced (6" x 6")          £3.00

Log Barricade                                    £3.60

Trench                                                 £3.60

​Weapons Pit                                       £3.00

​Wood Base                                         £3.60

Broken Ground                                 £3.60

Shell holes/bursts (10)                    £3.60

Note: The latter are craters with a 'plume' of earth coloured fibre that can be placed in the crater to represent exploding shells.

I haven't priced these differently for scales as there is little difference except for 28mm, in which case, add 25%.

Terrain. There is loads of really good terrain out there and we have lots of stuff from the likes of "The Last Valley", "Terra Firma" and "Fat Franks" (EBay) and we are delighted with it all. We have no intention of trying to compete with producers such as these, but we do perceive some gaps we are keen to fill. Specifically:

Defenses. These often need to be a specified size for rules, or need to be big enough to fit bases and finding the right ones can be nigh on impossible, but we can make them for you to your specifications. We can specifically make trenches, weapons pits, barricades, wire and minefields.
Wood Bases and Broken Ground. We make these to fit with our base cloths and especially with a view to matching with Monty's Marvellous Mats.
Shell holes and Shell Bursts – you can never have too many of these and the latter are ideal for marking ongoing barrages.
Sci Fi Terrain. For all the Sci Fi gaming that goes on, there seems to be a real shortage of good and not too pricey terrain for such games, well, we can solve that!! We can also make the terrain to your specifications to represent the world you want.

Example prices are as detailed to the left. I have not specified a scale, although there is a surcharge for 28mm to reflect, for example, that wire fenced minefields normally have a single strand of wire, for 28mm I'd use 2 strands. However, these are all things that can be discussed as part of the process of making sure we are producing just what you want.
And you can pick and choose from the following options: Summer, Winter, Desert, Alien, New/Old.