10mm Seven Years War French Battalion using Pendraken figures (of which we are great fans) and painted by our wargames painting service. The groundwork is the temperate prototype of  Monty's Marvellous Mats.

Wargames Painting Service.

​​We offer a wargames painting service for figures, terrain and buildings, in fact, pretty much anything wargaming related!! I would describe the standard as Good Wargames – ideal for units and larger forces. For figures we use a block, wash and dry brush method, which I personally feel is well suited to the smaller figures such as 6mm, 10mm and 15mm. However, we do also paint larger figures such as 20mm and 28mm, or even bigger! For buildings and terrain items, we tend to block paint and dry brush, also using washes where we feel it appropriate, and there are examples to view on our Flickr site:


Our base prices are detailed to the left and we will paint whatever you need – historical or non-historical – and, if there's anything not covered on the price list, please do get in touch and we'd be delighted to discuss a price with you.

The question of 'Hard' and 'Very Hard' in pricing terms deserves some clarification and it is, simply, down to the amount of time taken to paint the figure.  Basic prices are calculated on the simpler uniforms - an American Civil War Union infantryman or a World War 2 infantryman are good examples.  They are basic uniforms with little embellishment.  Once we start to add facings and the like, then things become more time consuming.  Add hat cords, plumes, epaulettes to this and we are now certainly in the realms of 'Hard'.  And the addition of lace to this moves us towards Very Hard.  Where there is no uniformity, then we are also into the realms of 'Hard'.  These figures may not have complex uniforms but the variety of colour and the lack of standardisation significantly increase time.  This seems complicated but there is no need for concern - prior to agreeing the work you will be provided with a quote - a fixed price for the work that won't change unless the agreed work package changes.  So you will know what you will pay for the work before you commit.

There are 3 ways to get figures or terrain items to us: you can send them to us, you can order them and have them delivered here at Monty's HQ, or we can source and order the figures for you. Payment for figures will be due once we have ordered the figures. We are  able to obtain discounts from some companies, including especially Plastic Soldier Company, and, if we order the figures for you, we secure what discounts we can and pass them on to you i.e. you pay whatever the actual price is, there is no 'commission'.

As for research,  you can do this yourself and send it to us butwe do have an extensive library here at Monty's and are happy to carry out additional research to help as well.





Hard (camo, Napoleonics)
Very Hard (hussars)

Clean Up. Basic clean up is included but there is a 60p charge per figure for assembling multi-part plastics. A degree of assembly for vehicles etc is assumed - dependent on complexity, there may be an additional charge.

As for buildings and terrain, it is much harder to be specific, but, as a guide we generally start at 80% of the price of the item and then adjust for the specifics if necessary.

Basing. We  use either 'grit and grass' or 'sludge and turf' methods! Examples of both are on our Flickr site and we will discuss your requirements with you at the time. We can also base using steel or magnetic material, but the costs of these materials will be in addition to the base 10%.

Varnishing. All items will be varnished before dispatch to protect them. We can do either gloss or matt - the choice is yours!

Samples. We can provide a sample if you wish, drop us a

line and we will provide one for £4.00.